Dynamics of Neo-Latin and the Vernacular

About this project

Welcome to the blog of the research project “Dynamics of Neo-Latin and the Vernacular. The Role of Self-Representation, Self-Presentation and Imaging in the Field of Cultural Transmission, Exemplified by the German Reception of Dutch Poets in a ‘Bilingual’ Context”.

Caspar BarlaeusJoost van den VondelJacob CatsHugo GrotiusDaniel Heinsius

This research project is being carried out at the University of Amsterdam (Institute for Culture and History – ICG), the VU University of Amsterdam (Research Institute Culture and Values), the Radboud University Nijmegen (Institute for Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies – Literature, Culture, Media) and finally the Huygens Institute (KNAW) in The Hague.

The research team is composed of Prof. dr J. Bloemendal, Dr H.J. van Dam, Prof. dr G.C.A.M. van Gemert, Dr T. Deneire, drs D. Kromhout, dra E. van Hooijdonk en dra Ü. Yüksel.